Reversible skirts: two in one

Solisolenn are high quality and original hand-made wrap skirts, reversible and very easy to use with a hook & loop fastening system. It makes for an unusual and pretty unique skirt, a real eye-catcher. They exist for girls, teenagers and women. Below is a little film that will show you how quick and fun it also is to wear Solisolenn short and mini skirts, on one side or the other!

We use different types of fabrics in order to make appropriate skirts depending on the season,  hot or cold. For Autumn and Winter we find cosy, warm and comfortable materials like wools and corduroys to make Winter mini skirts. In Spring and Summer, cottons and linens with bright, fresh or neutral colours, to make light skirts that look fantastic in the evening or on a special occasion. Whichever time of year, our skirts feel good and are great to wear to go to work or to chill out. Not to mention on holidays, for which you only have to pack one piece of clothes instead of two and still have a variety of looks to choose from. With a Solisolenn reversible wrap velcro skirt, swapping outfits only takes 2 seconds!
All the fabrics are individually hand-picked and acquired in limited quantities to keep down the number of identical skirts. Likewise, the skirts are carefully and lovingly sewn one by one. We always make sure that the two sides of one skirt match in colour, pattern, style and composition.

Solisolenn offers three skirt designs: Original, Straight and for Kids.
The Original Design skirts are a bit longer and rounder. The Straight Design skirts are shorter and straighter, they’re the mini-skirts. Both have a very flattering shape. The Kids’ skirts are interesting since the Velcro bands allow them to be used for several years, while the girl grows up. The fact that the skirt is double-sided is an exciting details for both kids and women.

Each fabric has its own identity and its own name: Charlotte, Lilie, Mila, Rosie and many more. When these fabrics are sewn together into a skirt, it gets its own, pretty unique name… Enjoy!

Once you’ve chosen your own Solisolenn skirt, go and choose the rest of your outfit. Our skirts are very easy to match with a simple top. For the shoes, you can either go for flats, heels or boots. A few good places to start are Asos or Zalando. And don’t forget accessories! Bangles and necklaces will nicely finish your look. Mainstream options could be Monsoon or Accessorize, while on Etsy (a Solisolenn favourite!)  you are likely to find unique designer gems.

A Selection of our skirts